Guten Tag. Welcome.

Hi, I am Hendrik Strobelt -- Researcher, Data Scientist, and sometimes in good mood. This web-page should take the role of a web business card. Therefore, I will try to update the collection of my projects and ideas as soon as they are publishable.


Currently, I am working as a Researcher in Information Visualisation, Visual Analytics, and Machine Learning at IBM Research in Cambridge, MA. I am interested in Visualization of large data sets of unstructured/semi-structured data, biological data, and neural network models. I enjoy advising students and enable them to do great work.

I try to be a good citizen in the community by reviewing regularly (InfoVis 2010-2013, BioVis 2012/13, CHI 2011, VAST 2010-2013, EuroVis,...), participating in BioVis 2013 OC and PC, and sometimes giving talks. I had the honor to attend two great and motivating Dagstuhl seminars on InfoVis and BioVis.

Finally, here is a list of my publications and projects...

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I was born in the late 70's in former East Germany. The probability to work and live in the US or even in the western world was at this time close to zero. A lot has changed and is changing in the world. Here are some of my personal changes/developments:

Besides the "achievements" listed above I believe that there are more important things in life. Therefore, I try to stay calm and enjoy life, especially when sharing it with friends.

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