Guten Tag. Welcome.

Hi, I am Hendrik Strobelt -- Researcher, Data Scientist, and sometimes in good mood. This web-page should take the role of a web business card. Therefore, I will try to update the collection of my projects and ideas as soon as they are publishable.


Currently, I am working as a Senior Researcher in Information Visualisation and (Explainable) Machine Learning/AI, NLP, and Visual Analytics at IBM Research AI in Cambridge, MA. I am interested in Visualization of large data sets of unstructured/semi-structured data, biological data, and neural network models. I enjoy advising students and enable them to do great work.

I try to be a good citizen in the community by reviewing regularly (InfoVis 2010-2018, BioVis 2012/13, CHI 2011/2014/2017-18, VAST 2010-2018, EuroVis,...), participating in InfoVis PC 2017-19, the VIS OC 2017-19, the BioVis 2013 OC and PC, and other committees. I had the honor to attend three great and motivating Dagstuhl seminars on InfoVis, BioVis, and Progressive Data Science. I was general chair for IEEE VIS 2022, Hybrid Chair for NeurIPS (2020-23), ICLR (2020-21), ICML (2020-22, Social chair 2023). Oh, and I like to give talks from time to time.

Here is a selected list of my publications and projects (see also Google scholar)...

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I was born in former East Germany. The probability to work and live in the US or even in the western world was at date of birth close to zero. A lot has changed and is changing in the world. Here are some of my personal changes/developments:

Besides the "achievements" listed above I believe that there are more important things in life. Therefore, I try to stay calm and enjoy life, especially when sharing it with friends.

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